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BlueSky Learning is the leader in experiential game-based learning products and solutions. With 18 years of track record in delivering learning experiences rooted in engaged learning, we are constantly learning and reinventing ourselves so that we can solve your learning challenges.

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Team Building

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Get the best out of your teams with our array of teambuilding programs.
Teambuilding is not a one-time effort. It is about consistent and aligned efforts to build necessary attitudes and behaviors in teams. Our team building programs have helped thousands of teams find their collective voice and become better at working as teams.
High-performance teams
High-performance Teams
Team Engagement Programs
Team Engagement Programs
Leadership Teambuilding
Leadership Team Building
High-performance Teams
Collaborating For Results
Collaborating for Results
Building a Fellowship
Building a Fellowship

Scope Of Work

We work with defined competency dictionaries or provide customised program based on detialed TNAs
Scope of Work

Range of Activities


  • Great Ocean Race

    A virtual treasure hunt styled event where smaller teams race to conquer the oceans of the world
  • Dream Team - The Jigsaw Challenge

    A team activity where teams race to crack puzzles and finish a jigsaw puzzle
  • Team Pentathlon

    An inter-team fun contest involving multiple rounds with different kind of challenges in each round.
  • Escape the Tomb

    A group of archaeologists on an expedition in the Valley of Kings, find themselves trapped in an ancient Egyptian Tomb.
Great Ocean Race
Dream Team
Team Pentathlon
Escape the Tomb


  • Mission Rescue

    A crisis simulation where the group is divided into search and rescue parties who have a mission...
  • Amazing Race

    In this exciting race, teams have to find places using their devices and gps coordinates, perform quirky challenges, all as one team in a highly competitive format.
  • Bomb Away

    In this challenging, yet competitive game, each team is given an assortment of material and a few eggs...
  • The Angry Clans - War Game

    An extremely high engagement war simulation exercise where teams create their...
Mission Rescue
Amazing Race
Bombs Away
Angry Clans