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BlueSky Learning is the leader in experiential game-based learning products and solutions. With 18 years of track record in delivering learning experiences rooted in engaged learning, we are constantly learning and reinventing ourselves so that we can solve your learning challenges.

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Behavioral Competency Development

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At BlueSky Learning -
we believe that in today’s world our behavioral skills or soft skills are our competitive advantage. With our comprehensive approach, we help move the learning initiatives around defined behavioral competencies from reflection to action.

The experiential learning methodology helps us get participants to understand the gap between knowing and doing and define personal pathways for success.

Scope Of Work

We work with defined competency dictionaries or provide customised program based on detialed TNAs

Game based Learning -

Our approach is at the heart of what we do

Routed in game based learning, our session go beyond to move the learner from deep reflection to the job role context of that behaviour and ultimately to actionable outcomes. Learn more about our impact oriented program design

Our Flagship Programs

Customer Centricity

Jump Start

Campus to corporate transition skills.

Communicating with Impact

Managing to Driving Change

Growth Mindset

Collaborating for Success

Key Modules in Focus

Based on universally recognized behavioral skills and soft skills.