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A look at the various Digital Team-Building activities that fits the bill for your team-building activities.


Escape Games

In team building escape games, participants will engage in an exciting puzzle-filled, virtual environment and encounter a variety of situations that will challenge how they think, analyse, communicate and solve problems. Deciphering secret codes, puzzles and hidden objects in collaboration with team members is the essence of the game and will determine true success. It’s a race against the clock!!!

Themes available: Escape the Tomb, Escape the Jungle

Team building, fun, communication


Great Ocean Race

Each team of 7-8 people is given a series of challenges and they have to wade through all of those to make time & teamwork count to be crowned as the winning team.

Team building, fun, content dissemination



Jeopardy is a quiz show that has a unique trivia-based answer-and-question format in which contestants are presented with clues in the form of answers and must phrase their responses in the form of a question. The content can easily be customised.

Team building, fun

Big Picture

Big Picture is a versatile and highly customizable jigsaw-themed group activity that works for virtual and in-person settings. Smaller teams have to complete challenges to earn codes. With each code, certain pieces of a giant jigsaw get revealed.

When all teams complete all challenges and enter all codes, the entire Big Picture is unveiled. The Challenges and the Image that makes up the jigsaw are customizable to the theme of your session or event.

Collaboration, Goal Alignment, Big Picture Thinking

Bottleneck Challenge

Bottleneck Challenge

In the Bottleneck Challenge, participants find themselves on a mountain road, stuck in a peculiar jam.

The objective is for the traffic from both sides (represented by team members) to get to the other side and resolve the jam while playing by certain rules governing movement.

Ownership & Initiative, Critical Thinking, Team Motivation

Animal Farm

Animal Farm

In Animal Farm, teams compete to transport a specific number of animals & birds into their barn before their rivals.

The animals can be taken from the central barn or anywhere else on the farm to meet the target before the other team.

The game creates insights and conversations around collaboration, trust, values and leadership.

Integrity, Teamwork, Trust, Teamwork & collaboration

Value Continuum

Value Continuum

A unique activity where people participate as individuals and make choices between opposing positions, in a series of statement pairs, on a continuum and see their choices in relation to others in their environment.

Value Continuum is an activity that helps explore individuals’ mindsets, preferences, and perceptions of others, promoting open conversations on diversity, empathy, and interpersonal interactions.

Understanding mindsets, empathy, diversity & inclusion



Warehouse Game is a multifaceted, highly engaging team activity that challenges teams and individuals to think critically and work collaboratively to transport a given target order of items from a warehouse to their team store in the shortest time possible.

Multiple teams compete over multiple rounds and aim to improve efficiency and effectiveness to deliver the exact requirement and deliver incremental results.

Planning, Organizing, Innovation