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BlueSky Learning is the leader in experiential game-based learning products and solutions. With 18 years of track record in delivering learning experiences rooted in engaged learning, we are constantly learning and reinventing ourselves so that we can solve your learning challenges.

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Bhaskar Thyagarajan

CEO & Founder
With over two decades and 1200+ days of experience as a learning facilitator, designer, and speaker, Bhaskar is the founder, CEO and chief architect of BlueSky Learning. He believes in creating path-breaking pedagogies in the space of behavioural skill development using the power of play and game-based learning.

Bhaskar wants to create learning experiences that enable social learning, & behavioural change and passionately advocates for learning to go beyond knowledge and reflection to enable actionable outcomes.

Prior to BlueSky Learning, he was a co-founder of Great Indian Outdoors (GIO.IN), a leading organisation in the space of adventure travel and Himalayan Hospitality. A company set up by B-School classmates who shared a common passion for the outdoors and adventure.

He is also a founding member & senior advisor at KOACH.AI, an AI-based virtual executive coaching app created to democratize coaching and make it available at scale to young managers.

Bhaskar's 2nd venture called Kairos is underway. A global platform that offers a suite of game-based learning activities and tools for use in in-person, virtual and digital learning experiences. His vision with Kairos is to enable the community of Learning professionals to make learning engaging, impactful and loads of fun!

He is an active blogger and regularly writes for HR communities and journals on leadership, behaviour change, and learning strategies.

Bhaskar is an empathetic leader, often referred to as a ‘softie’, loved by his team, who stood by him during the hard months of the pandemic. When not strategizing and dreaming up the next goal for BlueSky Learning, Bhaskar loves to cook and play the mridangam. He is also an avid reader who enjoys writing poetry.