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BlueSky Learning is the leader in experiential game-based learning products and solutions. With 18 years of track record in delivering learning experiences rooted in engaged learning, we are constantly learning and reinventing ourselves so that we can solve your learning challenges.

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Amit Subba

Sales & Business Development
Amit, who leads all Client engagements at BlueSky Learning is a quiet introvert with a vast experience in hands-on sales, client management and business development. With a BBA, he has diverse experience working with various organizations, ranging from startups to seasoned companies.

Though it sounds like a cliche, he is dedicated and hardworking, with his days often starting early and ending post-dinner time. A hard-core night owl, Amit is driven by targets, goals and deadlines with a sharp focus on customer satisfaction. He walks the talk at BlueSky by applying all the learning from the field in developing and coaching his own growing team of people in Business development and operations.

Deep ownership and accountability are his second skin with a strong belief that what goes around comes around. Our clients swear by him for this very reason.

While not busy with handling our customers, Amit is a self-taught guitarist who can spend hours learning and perfecting chords for new songs. No wonder he is a much-wanted man at BlueSky Offsites! He is a football enthusiast and a diehard Manchester United fan.